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Tire Recycling Systems

Used tires are a severe problem for the environment. The ever increasing traffic volume results in even faster growing tire mountains. Our tire recycling systems were created to solve the problem efficiently and effectively. With advantages such as full-automation (without steel wire manual debeading), normal temperature processing and no secondary pollution, the machines are easy to use by operators without special training.


Design & Features

Step 1: Pre-shredding
The Super Chopper is a powerful pre-chopper capable of processing complete car and truck tires down to approximately 50-300mm scraps. It is a low speed and high torque shredder with dual shafts. De-beading of the tires will not be required prior to processing in the Super Chopper.

Step 2: Secondary Shredding
The Rasper is the first granulation. It reduces the Super Chopper shred input (50-300 mm) down to 12 mm in a single pass. The chips are then used for TDF (Tire Derived Fuel) or further processed in the granulation plant.

Step 3: Steel Separation
The overband magnet removes steel out of the 12 mm rubber crumbs from the rasper. The majority of the steel is removed making the chips are almost free from steel. This machine is equipped with a rare earth magnet roller to ensure the performance and long life.

Step 4: Fine Granulation
The Fine Granulator ensures fine granulation of the rubber. The machine is equipped with exchangeable screen sizes to determine the actual output size. If the users want a different output size, they simply change the screen.

Step 5: Textile Separation
The vibrating table is a textile pre-separator. Rubber granules and textiles are guided in different directions. About 75-85% of the textile is removed in this step. The mixing of rubber granules with remaining textiles goes to the ZigZag classifier.

Step 6: Fine Separation
The ZigZag Classifier removes the remaining textile.The roller magnet under the classifier removes very fine steel. The system includes an efficient de-dusting center. This equipment provides a high quality rubber granulate with a purity of up to 99.9%.

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